Gluten-FREEstyle At The Parish With 莱西 & 仿麂皮

Think “Southern-style gastropub.”

鱼和薯片, 南部的, 玉米面包, po’ boy sandwiches, bread pudding and sweet tea are a comfort foodie’s dream. If you’re a foodie with a gluten intolerance, however, it probably evokes panic.

Enter The Parish, a gastropub on the Northwest side featuring Southern-style dishes with a twist. 最好的部分? The menu clearly denotes items that can be prepared gluten free. *Insert squealing and a happy dance*

The Parish is heaven-sent for these two 无谷蛋白 foodies. There are beaucoup options to make each dining experience belly-filling and finger-licking. Even the abbreviated lunch menu provided plenty of choices for this week’s Gluten-FREEstyle. Bold flavors and unusual ingredients are at the heart of each dish.

The shared meal:


培根爆米花 at The Parish (Credit: 莱西 & 仿麂皮)

培根爆米花 at The Parish (Credit: 莱西 & 仿麂皮)

它是如何: A heaping bowl of slightly buttered popcorn with chunks of crisp 培根, 胡椒, and freshly chopped parsley.

Gluten FREEstyle version: No freestyling necessary, we ate it just how it came. (Because the popcorn is made with butter, it’s not dairy-free friendly.)

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Hot Legs Le’ Jean

Hot Legs Le' Jean at The Parish (Credit: 莱西 & 仿麂皮)

Hot Legs Le’ Jean at The Parish (Credit: 莱西 & 仿麂皮)

来自: Black 胡椒 and horseradish rubbed frog legs wrapped in 培根. Served with creole remoulade.

The creole remoulade is made with a mayonnaise base. best365官网登录的甜蜜的服务器, 凯尔西, even checked the mayonnaise container to make sure it did not contain any dairy ingredients.

Gluten FREEstyle version: Same as the menu, this is why we love The Parish.

Bunhugger Backyard Burger

Bunhugger Backyard Burger at The Parish (Credit: 莱西 & 仿麂皮)

Bunhugger Backyard Burger at The Parish (Credit: 莱西 & 仿麂皮)

来自: 生菜, 番茄, red onion and your choice of white cheddar, 山羊, 蓝色, 美国, Tepin queso, 煎蛋, 培根, adobo pork or lamb chorizo. All bun huggers come with a choice of one side: hand cut fries, 沙拉, 凉拌卷心菜, 南部的 (+$1), Guedry’s gumbo (+$2).

Gluten FREEstyle version: No bun, add a 煎蛋 and lamb chorizo, with a side of hand-cut fries. (Note: the fries are cooked in a fryer that is shared with gluten-containing items.) The lamb chorizo recipe was carefully looked over to confirm it was gluten free – talk about Southern Hospitality!

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Also recommended:

  • Pecan Smoked Ruby Red Trout – Roasted garlic, red onion marmalade, candied pecans, 胡椒y greens, lemon, Creole mustard
  • 新鲜牡蛎 – On the half shell, smoked 番茄 cocktail or pomegranate verjus mignonette.
    • paired with Finnriver Dry Hopped Cider – Chimacum, WA; 6.5%; bright, refreshing cider, made with  heirloom and organic dessert apples, blended with the bold citrus tang of organic Cascade hops

莱西 & 仿麂皮说:

While The Parish is located in an unassuming strip mall, it shouldn’t be overlooked. Its inventive ingredients, sweet staff, live music and local art set it apart. Be cautious of cross-contamination, but rest assured in the staff’s knowledge and willingness to accommodate special requests. The Parish will top the list for future ‘FREEstyles.’

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